Thinking| strategic communications consultancy

The art of engagement

We are a content strategy and business writing consultancy, backed by two decades of experience in global brand, product and leadership communications.

With a specialist focus in speechwriting for live events, we’ve built up an exciting portfolio of clients over the years, including scripts for the CEOs of some of the world’s most successful organisations.

The voice of clarity

We are experts in breaking down complex information to find the strong, clear messages that get to the heart of your brand story.

And we know how to tell your story in a way that produces the most powerful business results.

A global stage

We have led the content strategy and speechwriting across hundreds of brand experiences, business conferences and product launches worldwide, shaping compelling narratives for our clients’ most important internal and external audiences.

Mastering the mix

We’re also experienced in writing content for many types of business communications, whether it’s to engage your employees, persuade your prospects, win fans in the media or simply make people feel better about your brand.

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