Conferences and events

We bring many years of insight to live, hybrid and virtual events – having directed the strategy and content for countless brand experiences, business conferences and product launches worldwide.

Collaborating with senior leadership teams, we oversee every stage of the project – from the wider narrative flow to the development of engaging delivery formats to the scripting of speeches, workshop sessions, interviews and panel discussions, plus all aspects of pre and post event communication.

We’ve built up an extensive portfolio of projects over the years, including scripts for the CEOs of some of the world’s biggest brands.

Internal communications

We help organisations unlock the potential of their people by uniting and engaging them behind shared values, goals and behaviours.

From embedding a new company vision to navigating times of change, and from kickstarting a cultural shift to driving continuous transformation, we use a storytelling approach to win hearts and minds and empower everyone to play their part.

Outputs range from content for large-scale events to on and offline campaigns, experiential learning sessions, interactive workshops and digital content.

Brand strategy

We help businesses clarify and communicate their brand strategy and purpose – getting to the heart of who they are and why they exist, then translating our insights into a powerful, human brand story that people believe in, and want to be part of.

This acts as a springboard for a whole range of communications tools that help to bring the strategy to life, both internally and externally – from tone of voice guides, brand books and presentations to websites, brand films, events and engagement campaigns.