What we do

Working with some of the world’s leading brands and agencies, we create written and spoken content for all types of business, employee, media, consumer and stakeholder audiences.

We combine clear thinking and smart writing – helping companies work out what to say, and then saying it in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

With a 20-year track record in speechwriting for business leaders, our way with words has helped countless clients bring their strategies to life and shape the stories worth telling.

Why we do it

We believe communicating the right messages in the right way to the right people can transform your business performance.

It can help employees connect with a new company vision, or build trust among cynical stakeholders.

It can help you create a more vibrant brand image, deepen your relationship with customers, excite the press about a new product or service – or simply make people feel better about your business.

Who we are

We are a talented team of content strategists, speechwriters, business writers and project managers offering an impressive breadth of expertise and experience across many channels and sectors.

Our mission is to deliver the best possible results for our clients by responding with insight and intelligence to every brief.

Our Founder, Judy Hines, provides a strategic overview of every project, ensuring that each meets the highest standards of professionalism and rigour.

About our founder

Judy Hines is an accomplished communications strategist and business speechwriter with a long-established track record as an expert in her field.

Learning her craft during eight years at Imagination, the world’s largest independent global creative agency, she developed a strong flair for strategic thinking and brand storytelling across many groundbreaking experiential projects.

Since becoming an independent consultant, she has teamed up with many more of the world’s most successful agencies and brands, and continues to act as a communications advisor and writer on a variety of their high-profile global briefs.


Thank you so much for all your incredible work, you really are one in a million.

Alistair Wilson
Managing Director – Imagination China

Judy Hines is Imagination Melbourne's Ford scriptwriter of choice. Judy's process, diligence, professionalism and ability to work with senior global executives and clients of all levels is outstanding.

Jonah Jones
Senior Producer – Imagination Melbourne